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One for the history books.

For Immediate Release Private Care Association Announces Multi-Year Sponsorship with Ally. Friday June 12th the Private Care Association (PCA) entered into a historical agreement between the National Caregiver Registry Trade Association and JTR Solutions, LLC. d/b/a Ally. President-Elect Marc Spector, on behalf of the PCA Board of Directors, executed a multi-year sponsorship allowing Ally tagline claim […]

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PCA President interviewed for Newsmax article.

PCA President interviewed for Newsmax article.APRIL 14, 2020 – Yesterday, April 13th Newsmax released an article titled High Risk Patients, Home Healthcare Workers Needlessly Exposed to Covid 19 by Liz Goodman-Pilkington speaking to the Companionship Services Exemption and how “High-risk patients and their home care workers are in grave danger of contracting COVID -19 due to […]

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Preamble to Final Regulations Recognizes Independent-Contractor Status of Caregivers Relative to Registries

The Preamble, at pp. 112-113,[1] offers the following guidance concerning “registries.” “With regard to potential misclassification of employees as independent contractors or other non-employees, the Department will continue its efforts to combat such misclassification. As the Department has explained, there is no single test for determining whether an individual is an independent contractor or an employee […]

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