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Rep. Adrian Smith submits letter to DOL on Companionship Exemption.

September 24, 2020 – The Private Care Association continues it’s efforts to educate legislators on the importance of the Companionship Services Exemption. As a direct result, Rep. Adrian Smith submitted a letter to Sec. Scalia urging “the DOL to open a new rulemaking project to rescind the 2013 Regulations and reinstate the 1974 Compromise the […]

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Why Caregivers Should Join a Private Care Registry

At the PCA, we have been promoting and protecting the consumer-directed model of care since 1977, because we believe that, while it offers consumers the most freedom of choice, it is also most beneficial to the caregiver. You will enjoy greater continuity in your relationships with your clients, more generous compensation, enhanced professionalism and an […]

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