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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Private Care Association, representing Caregiver Registries throughout the U.S. since 1977.

Before you complete your Application, we ask that you please download and review our "Registry Do's and Don'ts" Guide to ensure that your business is indeed operating as a registry. The guide offers you the basics of running a Caregiver Registry. Please keep in mind that each state has different regulations and these are typical industry standards. If your business is not operating in this way, please contact us to learn more about the benefits of operating as a Registry. If you are a Registry and your business is not currently accredited through the Caregiver Registry Standards Board (CRSB) we highly recommend going through that process. You can learn more about the CRSB by visiting

Download the PCA Membership Form

According to the PCA's guide, is your business currently operating as a Caregiver Registry?