Caregiver Registry Standards Board


Caregiver Registry Standards Board (CRSB) Accreditation establishes industry standards for caregiver registries that screen & refer independent contractors.

The Caregiver Registry Standards Board created its Accreditation based upon the highest collective standards nationwide & condensed those into a single process that determines whether a registry is operating within those standards.

Caregiver Registry Standards Board Accreditation benefits everyone by enhancing the professionalism of the industry; by becoming nationally accredited, a registry clearly communicates its commitment to the highest standards of quality, professionalism, transparency, and accountability.


An accrediting body for caregiver registries that are operating under the consumer-directed model of care.


To create and maintain uniform national standards that provide registry owners/operators with a set of recommended best practices.


The Caregiver Registry Standards Board establishes best practices in these four key areas:

  • Administrative Credentialing
  • Independent Contractor Screening/Credentialing
  • Information Management
  • Registry Practices


  • Registry to represent itself to the public e.g., through its website, as offering caregiver referral services and not home-care services.
  • Rate of pay is only to be set by the Caregiver and may be negotiated between Caregiver and Client, but not set by the registry.
  • Registry’s agreements with Caregivers should not prohibit a Caregiver from hiring assistants.
  • Registry’s agreements with Caregivers allows them to accept or decline offered client opportunities.
  • Registry does not require Caregiver to accept minimum number of Client opportunities.
  • Registry should avoid:
    • Making payment to the caregiver for services performed, using registry funds.
    • Controlling or setting Caregiver rate of pay.
    • Setting of controlling Caregiver’s work schedule.
    • Confirming or verifying a referred Caregivers actual number of hours worked.
    • Referring a replacement or substitute Caregiver, without a Client request.
    • Determining any aspect of the services a Caregiver will provide to a Client.
    • Providing any training, oversite or instruction to Caregivers on how to provide services.
  • Registry should not provide a Caregiver with any tools, equipment or supplies.
  • Registry may not unilaterally terminate a Caregiver’s relationship with a Client.
  • Registry does not have any policies and procedures that pertain to the home-care services that Caregivers perform.
  • Registry does not reimburse a Caregiver for any costs or expenses incurred in providing Client care.
  • Registry does not unilaterally move a Caregiver from one Client to a different Client.
  • Registry should not determine or modify, any terms or conditions of a Client’s home-care relationship with a referred Caregiver.
  • Registry does not supervise or monitor care provided by referred caregiver.
  • Registry does not conduct performance evaluations of Caregivers.
  • Registry agreement with client should:
    • Permit the client to interview the caregiver.
    • Allow a client to decline a referred caregiver.
    • Disclose the client’s responsibility to self-manage the home-care relationship with a referred caregiver.
  • Disclose that the registry will not monitor, train, instruct or supervise a caregiver.

Should you consider Caregiver Registry Standards Board Accreditation?

A good offense is the best defense. Accreditation prepares your registry for a potential audit.

Enhances the professionalism of the industry.

Allows for industry bench marking of operational standards.

  • Creates credibility and standardization
  • Creates transparency for caregiver recruitment

Creates seal of approval that meets or exceeds the Caregiver Registry Standards Board standards.

Communicates the industry’s commitment to excellence.

Who is eligible for Accreditation?

Private-sector caregiver registries that screen, refer and represent independent contractor caregivers.

Are you ready to take your Caregiver Registry to the next level and become Accredited?

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